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Things you won’t learn from a biography:vertbar

  • We’re sisters, and we’re told we sound alike, especially on the phone.  People often asks how that works.  We have to recognize each others strengths, talents and sometimes what we’re not so good at; good communication – follow our own tools; and seek balance.
  • We both practice yoga.  Deb is drawn to anusara.  Nancy loves kundalini.
  • We enjoy what we do and how we do it.   If something isn’t working in a way that works for us, we rethink and retool.  In hindsight, we were practicing self-caring as a strategy before the our research brought this to light.  We’re always  assessing and adjusting, striving to “eat our own cooking.”

Nancy O’Brien

Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer

Nancy O'BrienNancy’s expertise in customer and employee experience management spans 16 years and all industry segments.  In the last few years she has paid special attention to improving the healthcare experience for everyone in the healthcare “system.”  She augmented her unique and holistic perspective of experience management to include equipping and empowering everyone in the organization with insights to make more conscious and consistent choices on how they engage with others to create meaningful connections.

During her 18-year career with IBM her focus was analyzing, designing, planning and implementing creative solutions to address her clients’ business needs.  As a pioneer in the emerging experience economy, she led the consulting group at Experience Engineering, Inc., working with companies to help them create value for customers, employees and stakeholders by developing and implementing a holistic business strategy that aligns all aspects of their business towards an emotional “end-frame” which has been proven to be the key driver of loyalty.

In healthcare, she facilitated the collaboration between the architecture firm, multiple medical practice groups, fitness center, café and gift/book store, IT, HR and marketing of a large hospital organization towards a new vision for an integrated experience.  Nancy led the redesign of an Emergency Room Experience which resulted in aligning the elements in the environment, processes and people’s behavior to convey a sense of movement.

Working with diverse organizations, she determined there had to be an easier way for organizations to make meaningful connections and deliver excellent customer experiences without spending millions of dollars in consulting fees.  She then focused her attention on answering the common cry among the companies she worked with: “Teach us to fish!”  While working with organizations she challenges herself to be less of a consultant and more of a facilitator of authentic change.


Deb Andelt

Co-Founder & Director of Research and Tools Development

Deb AndeltDeb has been a customer champion in various roles in diverse organizations. Her professional background includes: applying her law school education as a pioneer in law firm marketing; co-founding ExperienceArt.com and creating engaging content that captivated user interest; and applying customer experience principles to marketing cruises online for companies such as CheapTickets, RCI and USAA. She enjoys applying a range of knowledge, wisdom and creativity to connect with the customer in ways that matter to the customer.

In the healthcare industry Deb researched and defined specific sensory clues (color, texture, smell, taste, and sound) to evoke the desired emotional response and connection with the customer for a large hospital organization.   “Tea” stations were incorporated into the design as a result of recommending tea as the taste for “understood, strengthened and renewed.” In the travel industry, she developed experience oriented language and image guidelines to connect with the emotional desires of six specific cruise lifestyle segments which were then used to create marketing messages designed specifically for each market segment.

After leading an active life for years filled with travel, yoga and eating right, in 2004 she found herself totally fatigued and experiencing difficulty with everyday tasks.  Her personal experiences with practitioners on her own healing journey from toxic decay to vitality on multiple levels combined with her professional knowledge provides Deb with a unique understanding that it’s more than the “treatment,” it’s the total experience that matters. Her desire is that one day everyone seeking relief from suffering will experience positive healing experiences from every interaction with every person and process, in every organization, throughout each aspect of the healthcare system.