facilitated strategy discussions

If this was a Jeopardy quiz show, the question would be:
How do we work with you and how are tools created for your unique experience strategy?

Answer:  facilited strategy discussions

What you can expect in a strategy discussion:

This is an interactive process, and the collective knowledge of people in your organization and your customers is key.  Who is in the room matters.  Prior to the session, we work with you to identify the focus and objectives.  We can guide you though any or all of these steps in experience strategy:

  • Step 1: Assess the current experience
  • Step 2: Align and Focus
  • Step 3: Design the experience
  • Step 4: Implement and Integrate
  • Step 5: Measure and Adjust

What is the outcome:

As with anything, the outcome depends on the input and the objective.  Here are some examples:

  • Reframe a mission statement from a customer experience perspective
  • Identify an Emotional Target as the experience strategy


What’s your commitment:


What’s our commitment: