guiding journeys

Garden PathCurating experiences is a journey

The journey of curating experiences, just like any actual trip, requires a number of resources and ingredients to identify the direction, reach the desired destination in the manner that works for you, enjoy the moments that matter, and ultimately culminate in meaningful memories.

We equip and empower your team, acting as guides to illuminate the path

Your role

You are the most important ingredient in this journey. Your awareness determines what apsects of the experience are brought to light to be curated. You, your staff’s and your customers emotional and rational needs act as the compass. Your wisdom is vital to identifying what is meaningful for your unique circumstances.

Our role

We shy away labeling ourselves “consultants.” We’re guides. We have content, tools, perspectives for context, and a number of ways to work with you and your team so you’re equipped to curate an experience that has meaning. We don’t come in with answers or a list of things to do. We believe in “teaching you to fish.” We have a number of resources you can explore below and on the following pages.


To continue the fish analogy, our written tools, guidelines, are like a pole, a map to where the fish are biting, and perhaps a boat or chair. With these tools, you and your team can curate meaningful experiences without being dependent on us.  Find out more.


From a two hour workshop on Experiences 101 to our 12 hour Creating Healing Experiences That Work workshop that integrates our Toolkit To Empower Healing, if interactive workshops work best for your team, we have a number of workshops ready to bring to you or we will tailor to fit your needs.

Facilitated strategy sessions

Need alignment within the executive team? Need a experience strategy session? Want to understand self-caring as a business strategy? Nancy will guide an interactive discussion focused on empowering you to gain clarity. This is frequently the starting point that makes all the difference to move from talking to doing.


Energize your group. Ideal for in-house gatherings as well as conferences. Nancy’s vibrant discussions based on the EIM research: 5 Dimensions of Self-caring: the foundation of an experience management strategy bring a fresh perspective that help teams create integrated experiences that promote healing and happiness for both healthcare patients and practitioners. Learn more.