healing healthcare

Why Healing Healthcare?

Several things came together to present what we see as the opportunity to center curating healthcare experiences on healing:

  • Healthcare in the news – regardless of what you think of “reform,” what’s apparent is the course we’ve been on for decades is no longer working. It’s time to get out of our collective box.
  • All of the research we’ve found and our personal experiences reveal that healing is always possible. It’s universally what human beings seek.
  • This fundamental aspect of healthcaring has been lost for the most part. A strategic experience management approach is the most effective way to bring this vital ingredient back to be the heart our our healthcare interactions.

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Equipping and empowering caring staff and practitioners

Whether you’re staff, patient, or family, everyone is in the same experience. But everyone is experiencing it differently.

But we recognize various words resonate differently for individuals and organizations, so we’ve organized content in this section based on current language: patient experience and staff experience. Even as we’ve made this distinction for organization purposes, you really can’t separate the two. They are inherently interrelated. Staff and practitioners cannot give what they don’t have, so ultimately the patient experience must start with the staff experience.

With our tools approach, it all works together. Explore this section to discover what language and starting point work best for you. There are are a range of resources you can access and either apply on your own or we’ll be your guides.

  • Gain from new research! When we asked what creates a healing experience for staff, what the range of healthcare leaders interviewed voiced is that what’s needed is a shift from primarily caring for others first to caring for self first. Get the detailed results in the research report: 5 Dimensions of Self-caring that Heal Healthcare: The foundation of an experience management strategy.
  • Apply the research in your world. Research without knowing how to apply it is not very useful. Our Self-caring Experience Assessment Tool addresses the 5 dimensions of self-care and the detailed findings of the themes, metaphors and attributes of healing experiences focused on self-care.
  • Equip your team with facilitated workshops. This is where we started. The Toolkit To Empower Healing is based on a range of research from the patient perspective. Understand the tools in the Toolkit through interactive workshops.

Check out our upcoming workshops and speaking engagements on self-caring