it’s a practice

Not a program. Not a project.

Any experience an organization “delivers” and customers and employees “experience” is no more and no less than the combined conditioning and habits of the people within the organization.

Habits transform with practice.

Curating the experience is a practice – every moment of the day

An Experience Practice is a mindset of cultivating habits that serve to transform the experience

  • The habit of honoring each moment of the day as an opportunity to curate the experience we desire at a deep level.
  • The habit of engaging in all we think, do and say with conscious awareness of the choices we’re making about how we’re showing up in the world.
  • The habit of  using tools to create alignment within the organization to make this easy, inspiring and successful.

Get out of the groove of bad habits

Habits create a groove that the body, and therefor we, follows over and over.
We’re often not even aware of how much of what we think, do, feel and believe is simply a habit formed from a familiar perspective.
  • Awareness can bring habits to light with fresh perspective
  • Tools provide support to evolve new habits in ways people genuinely want to embrace
  • Resilience results from practices focused on fostering meaningful emotional connection