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LTC wheelchairExperience Makeover for Long Term Care

We’ve partnered with Anthony Cirillo of Fast forward Consulting to co-create this dynamic makeover process.

“Anthony Cirillo has put together a dynamic team that is changing the experience across aging services.”

–M. Bridget Duffy, M.D., CXO; past Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic

4 step makeover process

Approaching the experience in assisted and nursing facilities is different than for hospitals. These are not transient patients but long term residents. Relationships are fundamentally different as a result. This is an affordable 4-step approach featuring a customized toolkit to move person-centered care from theory into action.

elder care family


  1. Experience Assessment
  2. Experience Alignment
  3. Experience Design
  4. Experience Implementation


  1. Provides insight into the anatomy of experiences.
  2. Equips each person in the facility with an experience tool that they can easily learn and use.
  3. Creates greater awareness of the importance of wrapping action with feelings.
  4. Provides an experience practice assignment that results in immediate improvements in the employee and customer experience.
  5. Shifts from ‘knowing’ to ‘doing.’


Staff at all levels are equipped and empowered with insights and tools, not rules, to create sustainable self directed change.

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