What makes our approach to experience management both unique and effective?
It’s based on science.

From neuroscience . . .

we learn value is determined by how we feel. Every second we take in 20 million bits of data from our environment, our experience. 20 million. We process that emotionally first, and then rationalize six seconds later.

It’s interesting to observe that most organizations measure quantitative indicators of “satisfaction” to determine how well they’re meeting their employee’s and customers’ needs. That’s not how we’re wired, value is determined by how we feel.



From quantum physics . . .

we learn our experience is an interconnected, holistic system. Every aspect of the business – the people, processes and sensory environment – is a part of the energy of the experience, and every aspect has a role.

The customer, employee, visitors, and all stake holders are enmeshed in this quantum world. We’re constantly communicating and reading our environment through our energy fields. Every moment of our experience is part of an interconnected system.



From biology . . .

we learn our environment, everything that has been in our environment over time, and our resulting beliefs drive our biology. If employers want their employees to be healthier, the way to do this is to change the experience to one focused on feelings of well-being. (by the way, we know what the five healing feelings are from our work in healthcare).

If organizations want “engaged” employees and customers to return and refer, they key is the environment – what we call the experience. Curate an experience that results in people feeling positive, which then result in people thinking positive – what we just learned from neuroscience.


We infuse this science into our tools

You don’t have to figure out how to apply the science to your situation. Just know that embedded in each of our tools we kept this in mind in our R&D process. That’s why they work, and why people love working with them.

Find out how this applies to healthcare with our white paper: Transform Healthcare: Tap into a great low cost resource and empower each person to be an agent of healing