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toolkittoempowerhealingHealing IS good business

Patients want more than satisfaction. They want healing. When they feel good about their experience, they’ll refer friends and family, and come back if they need further treatment themselves. You can accomplish your business goals by delivering an empowering healing experience for your patients, staff and practitioners.

Be the person patients seek out because they feel the difference.

Be the organization that attracts and retains top talent because your staff will feel the difference too.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a large organization, you can efficiently and effectively create healing experiences for your patients. These tools make all your decisions about business processes, marketing, location and space planning, and hiring easier. Save time, money and energy because you’re equipped with guidelines and decision-making criteria to align your entire organization to curate healing experiences

Empowering people with the right set of tools is the best way to create consistent healing experiences

This Toolkit is an integration of our core tools for people, processes and the sensory environment with published research as distinguished as:

  • Neuroscience
  • Optimal healing environments
  • Relationship-centered care
  • Research on the nature of healing
  • Transformation and the power of intention
  • Universal metaphors
  • Indigenous and Eastern teachings
  • Positive psychology

Inspire everyone in your organization with awareness and guidelines that empower each person to be an agent of healing in every situation.

You can’t buy The Toolkit To Empower Healing; you can experience it

Host the workshop: Creating Healing Experiences That Work

Understanding the power of these tools is best experienced with others in a discussion. Frankly, anyone can do the research we did, it’s all published; and figure out the practical applications of the research in a context that works the way organizations work. That’s a leap for a lot of people, and that’s where we come in. We make this easy. Whether you’re an RN, facilities manager, IT programmer, HR professional or the CFO, these tools apply to your world. The discussion brings that to life is ways just reading simply cannot do. Sorry, no hiding out in your office and reading. To get the most value from this body of work, you must participate with awareness and intention in this interactive workshop that has been created to embody applying the tools throughout the workshop.

Happy GroupHow this works:

  • Identify your group. Who do you know who wants to join you on this workshop journey?
  • Define scope. We’ll work with you to tailor the scope to fit your time and content needs. From a 1/2 day overview of just a couple tools to 12 hours to cover all the tools and content.
  • Ask about specific needs. These tools will integrate with any methodologies, and will will adjust the discussion as needed.
  • Contact us

What participants want you to know about this workshop:

  • “The program is inspirational and can be interpreted individually for each person’s unique needs, whether personally or in practice.”
  • “Would highly recommend.”
  • “This is an insightful approach to looking at human interaction in improving lives. This can be in health, built environment and work place.”
  • “There is a huge amount of researched information that you can customize to fit your business needs.”
  • “It takes what you know intuitively, gives it support/understanding and a grounding in reality to develop and improve the healing experience.”
  • “This can work for many environments.”
  • “I’m better informed and have a new paradigm.”
  • “There are areas I can immediately implement.”