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We identified this section of the website as “sharing wisdom” because it reflects our approach to experience management:

Sharing means to use, participate in, enjoy or receive. In this section you’ll find tools and insights you can apply as you deem best fits your needs. What’s here will let you take some steps without feeling like you have to spend a ton of time or money. Enjoy.

Wisdom means the ability to discern what is true, or lasting; it’s an insight. We don’t know it all, we’re sharing what we’ve found works to create meaningful experiences. The great thing about a tools approach is you get to decide and apply what’s true for you. Your wisdom is a valuable ingredient in the experience.

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Awareness Tool

Expand your view of your experience. The first step in experience management is awareness. While 20 million bits of data impacting us each minute, and therefore our experience, each minute, we’re only aware of about 11 bits. This tool is a way to notice how you’re feeling and become more consciously aware of the sensory aspects – the people, processes, and sensory environment aspects – that are impacting how you’re feeling. Download The Experience Awareness Tool Document.


White Paper: The 4 C’s of Healing Tap into a Great Low cost Resource

Gain insight you can apply immediately, for no cost. When compassion is consistently delivered, it creates the opening for patients to collaborate in their healing and courageously engage in their journey. The greatest low cost healthcare resource is the mind, heart and spirit of the patient. Learn how neuroscience and quantum physics guide us to curate experiences that focus on the 4 C’s of healing. Many people read this and say “that’s what I’ve been sensing and just couldn’t put into words, thank you.” Download A White Paper on the 4 C’s of Healing Document.

Perspective Paper

Discover why “teach us to fish” and focusing on how people want to feel are the most effective strategies for experience management. You may want to understand what’s behind our tools, why tools became the “solution,” and the story behind Experience In Motion. Download Customer Experience Perspective Document.

More Ways to Expand Your Knowledge

Read and Apply

New Research – 5 Dimensions of Self-caring that Heal Healthcare: The Foundation of an experience management strategy. Delve into the results and how to apply the insights in ways that work for you. Discover more about our ground breaking research that identified that the keystone for healthcare staff’s “employee” experience to be a healing experience requires a shift from primarily caring for others to caring for self first; and how this shift is the springboard for healthcare organizations to achieve their business goals.

Little Book of Positive Emotions. A starting point for aligning your experience based on how people want to feel. Just $25 including shipping. Purchase now.

Experience and Equip

Facilitated Strategy Discussions. Need to figure out what “experience management” means to your organization, your staff and your customers. Start here. Regardless of your industry, your staff challenges, or your customers emotional and rational needs. Contact us to discuss what’s going on in your landscape.

Workshops. If you’re part of the healthcare “system,” we have workshops that will equip and inspire you and your staff to consistently curate a healing experience for all. We’ll identify the components of our Toolkit To Empower Healing (based on research about what creates a healing experience for patients), and our 5 Dimensions of Self-care research to tailor the workshop for your needs. Contact us to tailor an empowering session for your needs.


Keynote Speaking. Need a lively presentation to inspire your group? We’ll energize your participants to make self-care and healing experiences the keystone of the healthcare experience. Organizations with “wellness” programs will also benefit from gaining new insights of the benefits of evolving the culture, the “beingness” of the organization to be focused on self-care. Learn more.