Nancy OBrienNancy O’Brien, is Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of Experience in Motion, and is a researcher, speaker, author and coach dedicated to helping teams create integrated experiences that promote healing and happiness for both healthcare patients and practitioners. Her experience and expertise blends experience management principles, neuroscience and positive psychology in order to build complete, customized and meaningful experiential solutions that deliver sustained top and bottom line results. EIM’s research proves that relatively small changes create major impacts. When sustained, these changes stand to profoundly change the face of healthcare.

Nancy shares the findings of EIM’s most recent research report, 5 Dimensions of Self-care that Heal Healthcare: The foundation of an experience management strategy which explores the relationship between practitioner self-care and healing; and puts forth easily implemented guidelines to improve both the practitioner and patient experience.

Speaking topics

Recontextualize self-care. Self-caring as a business strategy

An experience strategy focused on self-care cures many of the issues currently plaguing the healthcare system. There is a direct correlation between individual well-being and business measures. Inner change results in outer change. As healthcare organizations migrate to the new paradigm, the system as a whole transforms to a state of well-being as well.

5 Dimensions of self-caring and how they provide a framework to curate experiences – for all industries

The five dimensions of self-care provide a framework for an experience management system that goes beyond average “wellness” programs and cultural change initiatives. This presents a significant opportunity for all businesses to assess the workplace experience and curate meaningful practices that result in both personal well being and improved business measures.

What physicists know that we can all apply to make curating experiences joyful

Making self-care the keystone of every healthcare encounter and process naturally incorporates the wisdom of quantum physics. The findings reflect that we are interconnected; our awareness shifts our experience; and our thoughts and emotions impact the world around us.

HumanBEINGNESS: the most vital ingredient of an experience of self-caring

Respondents said self-care has a lot to do who each person is in the present moment, their “being.” This vital ingredient is in contrast to a system primarily currently focused on the “doing” of processes and procedures. Curating self-care as the keystone of the experience equips organizations to empower their most vital asset – humanBEINGS.

The Bottom and Top line results of Self-caring

Self-care as a practice does not require a huge investment. It primarily requires awareness, intention and a shift in perspective. It takes a little commitment, communication, education, individual and collective practices and aligning the “beingness” of the organization to incorporate supportive processes, expectations, attitudes and language to reveal each person’s inner radiance, and support others to do the same.