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“You simply can’t have a healing experience and a healthy experience with others unless you take care of yourself.”

—Cindy Bultena, RN, VP of Patient Experience at Woodwinds Hospital

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Research reveals the benefit of an experience founded on a new perspective of self-caring

In February 2010 conducted a research to undertand what comprises a healing experience for the staff, practitioners and organization; and what business measures would improve as a result. The research revealed:

When the keystone of the healthcare experience is the staff’s self-care, in all five dimensions, both healing and business measures improve. A paradigm shift is required.  From focusing on caring for others first to primarily caring for self first

5 dimensions of self-caring that improve business measures

Self-caring as a business strategy is not about “the list.”

We all know that list of things to do to take care of ourselves. While that’s one dimension of self-caring, it’s only a small part of the paradigm shift.

What this research revealed is that self-caring is fundamentally about the people and culture, what we are calling the “beingness” of organizaitons, and how by making self-caring the keystone curating every aspect of the experience to be founded on “beingness” sets the experience in all 5 dimensions of self-caring:

  • individual self-caring at home – the famous list – you pick what works for you
  • self-caring at work – how does each person incorporate individual practices into the rhythm of their work day and what common practices involve everyone
  • interactions with others – this relates to language, attitudes, the tone of meetings; it’s often about being kind to each other
  • clinical and business processes – this is an opportunity to view every process from the point of how well is this really working for each staff member; it’s a great perspective to simplify, streamline and “improve” in ways that are actually meaningful based on how people feel
  • business model – your business is a reflection of YOU; if you’re frustrated this shows in business measures
EIM-5-Dimensions-of-Self-care-that-Heal-Healthcare-200Get the research report

Get details on what the interviewees said about putting these 5 dimensions into action. You’ll learn about the attributes, themes and metaphors you can use to curate an experience of self-caring, for example:

  • Understand about how “being who we are” is fundamental
  • Discover what balance means as a strategy for a healing experience
  • Gain insight into the value of empowering individuals to share wisdom
  • And see the resulting improvements to business measures!

PS – While the research focused on the healthcare industry, the findings relate to any organization seeking a culture that weaves self-caring into the very fabric of the organization. Where wellness programs fall short, this is a roadmap to improve individuals’ wellbeing and the bottom line.

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EIM-Self-care-Experience-Assessment-May-2010-200Find out where you stand with a self-caring experience assessment

We’ve taken all the input from the interviewees and created an assessment. Filled with everything from a Rapid Assessment to use as a quick benchmark to questions to ponder about every area of findings, this lets you:

  • See where you are n relation to every aspect of the research
  • Identify a place to start curating your self-caring experience strategy that will work best for you
  • Spark insightful conversations with colleagues to inpire and transform

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